Monday, July 11, 2005

Cool Site

3-4 years ago, I was trying to create a homepage, I managed with some primitive demo tool (which I don't remember the name) to create this site. I wasn't able to complete it, but it has some cool features, and it's graphics are good (as I believe). Unfortunately, the flash thing cannot be displayed under firefox browser (A neat secure browser, I recommend everybody to use it), I am investigating this problem. But when the site was created, Firefox didn't exist then. Till I resolve it, try to see it under Internet Explorer.
In the same directory of the site, you can also find a version of minesweeper created by me. It's a good one (worth to try). I recommend you to see the about menu (Help -> About). It has some nice real-time animation that interact with the cursor position. Try it! ;)

--Updated: Now it is possible to view the site using Mozilla firefox .

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