Thursday, November 23, 2006

Neurality got webpage :-)

Finally, instead of the old redirecting sourceforge website, the site got finally updated. There is no much information in the site other than the project sourceforge page, hoping that this would change. One thing that can be noticed is the Logo, here you can get a look at it, while on the site you can only see it if using an SVG supported browser, like Firefox 1.5+.


Anonymous said...

> an SVG supported browser

That basically means anything but Internet Explorer without the Adobe Plug-In, and in case of SVG Tiny that also means any modern phone.


Banzoo said...

SVG is a W3C standard, so better embrace browsers that supports such standards. As for SVG Tiny, I'm not aware of a good OSS that support that. Anyway, in case of lack of SVG support a text will be displayed instead.

Kedar said...

how can i convert an cursive written tiff to textdocument...this software loads image but does not convert it....wt to do..