Thursday, March 15, 2007

Secure Wiki

Greasemonkey is a great Firefox extension, I've been using it since not long ago, but it's only recently I decided to create this script, instead of being a passive user. So below you find the description of the script quoted from it's corresponding page on
Wikipedia (as well as other wikimedia projects) have the ability to provide connection to users using https. This feature can be very useful in places with active censorship over the internet.
This script ensures that wikipedia, and wikipedia's sister projects use the https connection.

The script works well, yet it's still the first version, and many enhancement are still possible.
If you have problem with it, drop a comment in order to try to fix out bugs.

I hope you consider it useful. If you find it interesting, I have made as well a Firefox search engine that returns wikipedia articles directly in secure http (i.e. https). Its code can be found here, and you can install it to your browser by clicking on it here.


Anonymous said...

You can reduce clutter in history/back by changing line 69:


to this line:

location.replace( fixlink(location.href) );

With the current way, the history/back button will go back to the unsecured version of the wiki on initial navigation into the wiki. But using location.replace() will replace the URL rather than adding to the history list.

Anonymous said...

meta and wikiversity aren't captured. Thank you for the script.